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Hydraulic remote control valves

What is a hydraulic remote control valve?

Most tractors are not supplied with a hydraulic control valve as standard. With a hydraulic control valve you can easily operate the implements behind your tractor. You do this with hydraulic power.

A tractor hydraulic control system is a system consisting of a jack with a hydraulic cylinder and a main control valve. The main control system drains fluid from the pump to the actuator while encompassing the centers of the switching valve. The switching valve is in turn connected to the main control valve.

What can you do with a hydraulic control valve?

With a hydraulic control valve you operate implements that you connect behind your tractor. By connecting the implement with hydraulic hoses to the hydraulic control valve, you can easily lower, raise or, for example, fold the implement with the handle.

How does a hydraulic control valve work?

A hydraulic system on a tractor works according to Pascal’s law. This means that the pressure exerted on the enclosed fluid (liquid) is transferred evenly in all directions. Thus, relatively small force on a small area can exert more force on a larger area.

The hydraulic pump sucks in oil and sends it under high pressure to the system control valve. Then the oil goes to the hydraulic cylinder and moves the piston. This ensures that the device / implement can lower, rise or, for example, unfold.

For a hydraulic system, a control valve is very important. The control valve determines which direction the oil goes, but also, for example, the lifting device, the lifting force and lifting speed.

Control in a hydraulic system maintains a constant plowing depth by automatically adjusting the tractor’s draft. The operator can determine the height of the implement using the control valve. The control valve automatically adjusts the working depth of each implement / implement to changes in thrust required by the implement.

Quality hydraulic control valves

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Product range hydraulic control valves

Sparepartsholland offers hydraulic control valves for various tractor brands and models. For example, we offer hydraulic control valves for Ford, Massey Ferguson and Fiat. View the range of hydraulic control valves in our webshop.

Buy a hydraulic control valve?

Do you also want to expand your tractor with a hydraulic system to operate your implements easily? View the range of hydraulic control valves Sparepartsholland has to offer in the webshop.

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