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Lower link hooks

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How do I mount lower link hooks on my tractor?

What do I need?

To mount the lower link hooks you need two lower link hooks and two quick-release balls.

Step 1: disassemble lift arms

First you dismantle the lifting arms of the tractor. We recommend that you place the lift arms on a workbench. The size of the balls must match the size of the lower link hook. Take a good look at the angle at which the current linkage balls are mounted. You will take over this angle later for the hooks. Measure everything well, determine where you are going to sharpen and mark it off.

Step 2: Grind, saw or cut the lift arms

Safety comes first. Before grinding, make sure you wear suitable work clothes, work gloves, safety goggles and hearing protection. Now you can grind, saw or cut the linkage balls off. Obviously it is important to do this as accurately as possible.

Step 3: Weld the lower link hooks

Safety is also important when welding. Therefore, always wear a welding mask before you start welding. Now weld the hooks at the predetermined angle (see step 1). After you have welded on the first lower link hook, it is wise to check the angle again. If everything is to your liking, weld on the second hook. After welding, check if the hooks are properly secured.

Step 4: Finishing and mounting lift arms

After welding, allow the lower link hooks to cool, deburr them, degrease them and spray them in the color of the lifting arms. You can then mount the lifting arms on the tractor again and fit the implements to be coupled with quick-release balls.

Product range of lower link hooks

All Sparepartsholland lower link hooks are all supplied including a ball. Make sure you buy the right set of hooks by choosing the right category. In our webshop you will find Cat 1, Cat 2 and Cat 2S  hooks.

Buy lower link hooks

Were you able to find the right set of hooks in the webshop? You order them easily and quickly via the payment method of your choice. Sparepartsholland delivers the lower link hooks to your location as soon as possible.

Do you have any questions?

For all your questions about lower link hooks or other tractor parts, you can reach us via our Whatsapp function or by email at

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