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Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder With End Plug Hole (several variants)


  • Hard chrome-plated piston rod
  • Honed steel pipe
  • Operating pressure 180 bar, peak pressure of 230 bar
  • Painted black
  • 3/8” Ports
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Our hydraulic cylinders are made of high quality steel and are a smart solution to replace defective cylinders or to adapt them to individual requirements. The hydraulic cylinder is turned out of a honed steel tube. The pipe faced from the inside was made of the material S235 JR. The piston rod has been hard chrome-plated, as are the piston jaws. This special surface treatment makes the steel smooth and thus reduces seal wear to a minimum. This type of chrome plating also significantly increases the resistance. This also enables us to guarantee a long service life due to the corrosion protection. The compressive and tensile force specified by us is specified at an operating pressure of 180 bar.

  • Hard chrome-plated piston rod
  • Honed steel pipe
  • Operating pressure 180bar
  • You can also load it up to a peak pressure of 230 bar
  • Painted Black
  • 3/8 ” Ports

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SPH340236, SPH340237, SPH340238, SPH340239, SPH340240, SPH340241, SPH340242, SPH340243, SPH340244, SPH340245, SPH340246, SPH340247, SPH340248, SPH340251, SPH340252, SPH340253, SPH340254, SPH340255, SPH340256, SPH340257, SPH340258, SPH340259, SPH340260, SPH340261, SPH340262, SPH340263, SPH340268, SPH340269, SPH340270, SPH340271, SPH340272, SPH340273, SPH340274, SPH340275, SPH340276, SPH340483, SPH340484, SPH340485, SPH340486, SPH340487, SPH340488, SPH340489, SPH340490, SPH340491, SPH340492, SPH340493, SPH340494

Cyl Tube and Rod Size

25/16, 32/20, 40/25, 50/30, 70/40


050, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 700, 800


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